Drillsheet, Gamesheet, Coach Accessories

Felix introduces two sheets he uses to help coaching at trainings and in matches, and talks about his essential and his preferred Coach Accessories. These resources and a video explaining how to use them are available to Training Tier patrons.

1-2-3-Pass Drill

Two pairs of players work together. One pair runs a couple of give-go moves, then throws a connecting continuation pass to the other pair. This drill works on throw’n’go technique, two-step give-go / dribbling moves, and spacing/timing for a continuation pass after a give-go move halts. A good drill to run towards the start of training, developing good throw’n’go fundamentals, 1-to-1 connections, and repositioning to give teammates space/options. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.


Keepdisc is similar to ultimate, but with the endzones removed. This trains players to maintain possession in a sustainable way. This is the exercise that I run most frequently, as it works on running/catching/throwing fundamentals, whilst developing useful skills within beginners as well as experienced players. In this video I list a number of modifications which can be applied to expand on the basic concepts. Featured in the video are keepdisc reps from New York Empire tryouts. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

Brilliance Box Drill

The Brilliance Box Drill trains players’ ability to accelerate out of their throws, decelerate into their catches, and change direction with the disc in their hands. A progression of the drill also works on misdirection, and 2-person dribbling. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

Give-Go Swill Drill

The give-go-swill drill trains give-go and dribbling technique, along with misdirection, balance, and using flow and tempo to attack. Players should find that it is more effective to advance the disc through give-go moves – including moves away from the end target – than it is to directly break the force from static. Players also learn to communicate clearly (through gesticulation) with the static players about when/where they want the disc thrown back to them. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

Hex Puzzle Drill

Initiating flow from static, sustaining flow whilst in good shape, creating and using space as you see it appear, decision making, communication… The Hex Puzzle drill is unique as it trains all these elements which are important in Hex, and all at the same time. It is notoriously challenging to do well, despite the lack of defenders – all 5-7 players must stay engaged and alert in order to maintain the tempo & rhythm of the offence. Full video available for Training Tier patrons.

Hex Huck Drill

Cutting and throwing deep from the type of movement / patterns seen in Hex – different to those seen in conventional stack offence. Good throwers can train their hucks, weaker throwers can train their shorter flow passes – the Hex Huck Drill provides multiple options with each rep, always including a deep, and challenges 5+ players to adjust their spacing, timing, and decision making on-the-fly in order to maintain flow. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

Hex Shape Race

The Shape Race is a way of bridging the gap between knowledge of shape, and the ability to get to the correct positions on the field. Players will be challenged to quickly identify what good hex shape should look like for a new disc position, and work as a team to get into good shape as quickly as possible. A competitive element can be added with 14+ players, and a progression can be added so the exercise ends with a point of ultimate starting. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

Hex Sprint Pattern

The Hex Sprint Pattern focuses on an individual’s speed, agility, and stamina, and it can be done individually or in groups of 2-5. With other players involved, the drill also trains synchronization between a thrower and catcher in a variety of short-quick-pass situations, an individual’s throw’n’go technique, and one long throw/sprint/catch per rep. Full video available for Training Tier patrons.

Dribble Slalom Race

Throw’n’go technique is a key element of good Hex, and is trained directly with the Dribble Slalom drill. 3-5 players take turns to accelerate out of their throws and decelerate into their catches, give-go, and perform basic dribbling by changing direction when the disc is in their hands. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.