Triangle Give-Go / Double Dribble Drill

This drill (and the double-dribble extension) practices give-go and double dribbling moves on offence, and is a new favourite of mine! The Triangle Give-Go involves a basic straight-line, three-touch give-go/dribble move before passing on to the next player. The Double Dribble extension involves two players dribbling together, and includes a change of direction whilst the disc is in-hand in order to continue the dribble. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

EUCF 2022 Open Final Analysis Part 3 – Challengers take the lead – Clapham v Ranelagh

Felix takes a play-by-play look at the third part of this match which would end up being historic, breaking it down in great detail. In this part, Clapham come out strong after half time but Ranelagh claw it back to take a 13-12 lead going into the final part of the match.

This analysis features a look at the distinction between “return pass flow” and “continuation flow”, the difference that turning/facing infield after catching makes, and how an “empathy jump” cost Clapham dearly at a crucial moment.