Multizone Keepdisc

This exercise is similar to Keepdisc, but with the addition of multiple scoring zones marked by different coloured cones, which the offence transitions between attacking. A great exercise to run at the end of a warm-up / keepdisc to aid with the transition into full blown Ultimate. Full video available to Training Tier patrons.

EUCF 2022 Open Final Analysis Part 4 – Universe Point – Clapham v Ranelagh

Felix takes a play-by-play look at the final part of this match which would end up being historic, breaking it down in detail. In this part, Clapham fight back from behind to bring the match to 14-14, Universe Point.

This analysis features a look at how an offence can become ‘out of sync’ when players have differing priorities / principles, how Ranelagh stopped Clapham making a single pass off the pull at 14-13, and a close look at a controversial call on a double-layout play in universe point (thumbnail).

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Analysis: Colombia Face Off Against Australia at the World Games – Every Turnover

In this video Noah looks at all the turnovers from the 2022 World Games group stage match between Colombia and Australia. More analysis videos in this series from the World Games are coming soon.