Training Hex: Disc Footwork Ladder Exercise

This exercise (available to Training Tier patrons) trains players footwork, coordination, and balance control. Mastery of this exercise ensures players fluency with the disc – being extremely comfortable with short passes in small spaces, maintaining good pivot discipline and balance control, and being able to quickly utilise space near the disc to begin building an attack. Watch video in full.

Ultimate 4s – The Next Olympic Sport?

In the first part of this 3 part series about ultimate in the Olympics, Noah looks at Ultimate 4s, the new ruleset that WFDF hopes to bring to the 2028 LA Olympic Games.

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Hive Takes Over @being_ulti!

Felix recently got his hands on the Being_Ulti twitter account. In case you missed it: here are the tweets gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure! (Click on the “Read the full conversation on Twitter” button to read the rest of each thread).

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WUL – Best Pro League Yet?

The WUL held their inaugural event, the Winter Cup, and it was pretty good! Noah shares his opinions on the league and highlights Kelli Iwamoto’s excellent quick disc movement.

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