Grid Game

Here’s a good game to expand your offence, encouraging your players to look for bigger throws to bigger spaces, and to use the space effectively by spreading out whilst staying active. Video available to Training Tier patrons.

USA v Colombia – Every Turnover – World Games 2022 Analysis

In this video Noah looks at all the turnovers from the 2022 World Games group stage match between Colombia and USA, including a near-foul on Ximena Montana, Duque turning his back with the disc in his hands, a visionary poach by Valeria Cardenas to safely intercept an up-line pass, and a miscommunication between Chastain and Khalif whilst double dribbling.

Noah notes how soon after stoppages Colombia’s turnovers come, and takes a quick look at some early pick calls from the USA which could have made an impact. We also get to see Khalif’s clutch mobile phone replay from the sidelines to rule Jack Williams in-bounds due to a force-out foul.