Colombia WG @ TEP 2022 – Felix Report

“What I’m seeing so far, is that the “Rest of the world” are catching up” – these were the American words spoken to me by Evan Lepler during the showgame on Friday night (Evan is addressing the camera in the bottom right of the above photo). My experience so far had been similar, but in a starkly different context. I had been invited to TEP to run a Hex Clinic and assist with coaching the Colombian World Games tryout teams, but when on the sideline of the first tryouts’ game, it wasn’t the World Games team who I noticed were playing Hex, but their opponents – a team called D-Crash from Bogota. The D-Crash coach confirmed they play Hex 70% of the time. Within my first two days in Medellín, I had conversations with coaches from Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela – all had begun to introduce Hex to their teams since the pandemic and were keen to pick my brain.

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Training Hex: Dynamic Hex Shape Exercise

This exercise is an engaging way to teach good spacing and hex shape. It challenges players to focus on maintaining shape under increasing amounts of defensive pressure, moving the disc quickly (stall 4 counted from anywhere), and prioritising taking the open pass over looking for yards. Full video (Training Tier Patrons only).

Hex Clinic @ TEP 2022

¡Felix viene a Medellín! El martes 12 de abril habrá una Clínica de Hex/Flex, las nuevas estrategias que se están extendiendo rápidamente por el mundo del ultimate frisbee. Mire este video para tener una idea de lo que son Hex y Flex antes de venir. ¡Recuerde activar los subtítulos en español!

Felix is coming to Medellín! On Tuesday 12th April there with be a Clinic on Hex/Flex, the new strategies which are spreading quickly around the world of ultimate frisbee. Check out this video for an idea of what Hex and Flex are before you come along – remember to turn on Spanish subtitles! (activa los subtitulos en español!)

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