Every player in the world could learn from Manuela Cardenas

Every player can also help the Colombian people at this crucial time. Protests are taking place across the country which begun after proposed tax reforms by the government, and have now become a broad call for improvements to Colombia’s pension, health and education systems, as well as against inequality and police brutality. At least 24 people have died since the protests started. Violence from the police and security forces against civilians is ongoing and has been condemned by the UN. See Revo Ultimate’s initiative here: https://www.instagram.com/p/COnvkhuHavB, sign up to help here: linktr.ee/RevoUltimate, Paypal: info@revolutionultimate.com / Message: #ReAct #ColombiaSOS

Livestream 31st March – STF reaction, USA v Colombia WG2017 Analysis pt3

Wednesday’s livestream, where Felix analyses USA v Colombia in the World Games 2017 Final, along with the usual gaming, memes, & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
0:00 – Start
3:15 – Intro
9:00 – Go (board game)
1:33:00 – STF interview reaction / review
2:41:00 – Meme review / r/ultimate Reddit review
3:37:10 – USA v Colombia World Games Final Analysis (pt3)
4:06:30 – Summary / end

Livestream 17th March – Hive Intro – USA-Colombia Analysis pt 1

Wednesday’s livestream, featuring the Hive Ultimate Introduction video & Singapore announcement! Also contains analysis of the first part of USA v Colombia in the World Games 2017 Final, along with the usual gaming, memes, & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
5:28 – Start / Intro
8:20 – Hive Ultimate Introduction
16:30 – Go (board game)
1:49:40 – Disc Space (computer game)
2:19:00 – Hive Ultimate Intro & chat
2:30:00 – Memes
3:03:15 – r/ultimate review
3:40:50 – USA v Colombia World Games 2017 Final – Analysis (pt1)
4:31:45 – End / UltiworldTV raid

Livestream 10th March – Hex vs Good Defence – USA-Japan Analysis pt 3/3

Wednesday’s livestream, where Felix looks at Hammertron’s opponents very closely to see if it’s bad defence or good offence being played. Also contains analysis of the last part of USA v Japan at Worlds 2016, along with the usual gaming & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
10:00 – Intro
15:30 – Go (board game)
1:49:00 – Disc Space (computer game)
2:26:50 – Weekly /r/ultimate Review
3:32:14 – Bad defence or good offence? – Hammertron’s opponent analysis
4:01:44 – USA v Japan Analysis pt3
4:36:30 – Final Thoughts on Japan v USA style, and the rise of Hex & Flex
4:42:30 – Summary
4:44:08 – End

Livestream 3rd Mar – Memes, STF & USA v Japan Analysis pt2

Wednesday’s livestream recording, with a new Meme Review section, reaction to the Sin the Fields episode on Hex, analysis of USA v Japan at WUGC 2016, and the usual gaming & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.

Felix loses it at Ring’s defence

Full livestream recording available for $1 Patrons: https://www.patreon.com/posts/livestream-20th-46601972
Surrounding Stacks 15min video: https://www.patreon.com/posts/44001487 – also available on YouTube.
Flex Part 4: Communication – coming soon to Patrons only.
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Film Sessions Livestream Archive – March-August 2020

Here’s the full list of archived livestreamed Film Sessions which have been recorded over the last few months. Access them by visiting the felixultimate YouTube channel, or the felixultimate Patreon page for those which are patrons-only!

[Re-stream] Stevens IoT playing Hex – Analysis

Originally a private team session with Stevens Institute of Technology in April 2019. Stevens had been playing Hex for a while by this point – you may recognise them from the “14 passes in flow” video from the “How to play Hex” series: https://youtu.be/OpuW2diMKAg

Original 2019 chat is shown at the top right of the screen, re-stream 2020 chat is shown on the bottom of the screen.

Part 2: https://www.patreon.com/posts/40093188 ($8 patrons only – includes Q+A with coach Jason “CJ” Thompson)