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Flexagon Defence Advanced:
Team Flex Introduction (2hr22)

This video is a recording of online Team Defence strategy session with Oakland from California. It contains everything you need to know about Flexagon Defence, in long-form. It is a recording from an online session commissioned by Oakland Ultimate in California, focused around Team Defence – specifically Flexagon Defence. Felix starts from scratch and builds up a complete and coherent picture of how Flex works and how Oakland can implement it in their team, with advice for players and coaches.

This is the most comprehensive material for Flexagon Defence which currently exists – if you wish to arrange a similar live session where Felix will introduce the concepts from scratch with your team, contact him via the About page. Watch video.

System analysis: Stefan Rappazzo & Felix – Horizontal Recycling

A commissioned piece taking a 1hr look at Ironside’s recycling horizontal stack – specifically clips of: (1) good recycling, (2) setting up the deep, (3) transitioning to vert, (4) short field offence, and (5) a game winner. Stefan leads the analysis whilst Felix illustrates and adds comments throughout.

eBook – Ultimate in Motion: Balance & Dynamism (Marie & Florian Gailliegue)

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Analysis: Poland v Spain pt1 – Pull Fielding

Video commissioned by Polish coach Dominik Dobranowski, looking at how Poland field Spain’s pulls.

Analysis: Poland v Spain pt2 – Defence – Turnovers

Felix looks at Spain’s offence turning over, compares it to the points they scored, and picks apart the impact of Poland’s defence.