We collaborate with a network of global coaches, dedicating their expertise as Coach Mentors. Interested in introducing a flow-style offense or a team-focused defence to your team? Why not consult directly with an experienced coach! By joining Hive at the Swarm tier – a level above the ‘Training’ tier on Patreon – we’re happy to set up a meeting with one of these experts every month.

Felix Shardlow

Coach since 2002, based in Brighton UK
Developer of Hex / Flex since 2012, creator of Hive Ultimate
Read Felix’s full bio.

Noah Brinkworth

Coach, based in Brighton UK
Creator of the Spectrum of Defence and Offensive Mistakes series

Ultimate Experience: UCL Silverbacks, Team Xtreme, Brighton
Education: Statistical Science at UCL

“This destroys the stack, but is that really a good thing?”

Lu Burgess

Coach since 2013, based in London UK
Creator of “How to Dribble”
Editor of Hive Ultimate
Speaks Spanish, Chinese

Ultimate Experience: Playing in the UK since 2010
Coached: York University, Curve Ultimate, UCL
Professional Expertise: Software development

“If you don’t know what you’re team is doing on offense then the defense definitely doesn’t know what you’re doing!”

John Sandahl

Coach, based in Minneapolis
Learned Hex in 1 season, went on to win a World Championship with Surly GM. Introduced the offence successfully to a range of teams.
WGMUCC 2022 winner (Surly)

Levke Walczak

Coach since 2016, based in Germany, specialises in clinics
Germany World Games 2022 coach / player
WUCC 2022 Champion with Revolution

Valerio Iani

Coach, based in Italy
Creator of Game Intelligence Clinics

Read his 50 LinkedIn recommendations

Travis Norsen

Youth coach, based in Massachusetts
Author of ‘Play with your Brain‘: A Guide to Smarter Soccer

Florian & Marie Gailliegue

Coaches, based in France
Author of ‘Ultimate in Motion: Balance & Dynamism’

Sjoerd Druiven

Coach, based in Netherlands
WMBUC 2017

Kim Gietzen

Coach, based in Potsdam, Germany
Team: Goldfingers

Jason Thompson

Professional Expertise: Child care, Coach of 16 years, Ultimate coach of 12 years.

Ultimate Experience: Played – The ill fated New Jersey Hammerheads, 5 years of club mixed, 5 years of club open, 2 years at University of Rhode Island, 1 knee surgery.
Coached: U17 YCC 2014, U17 YCC 2015, Westfield HS 2009-2016, Westfield MS 2010-2020, Stevens Tech 2012-present, Bandits 2019-present.

“We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it”

Hive Ultimate Philosophy &
Mission Statement

Hive Ultimate connects ultimate frisbee players & teams around the world with coaches, resources & materials.

We aim to grow the sport of ultimate frisbee in a sustainable and inclusive way. We believe the sport can be fun for beginners, challenging for elite athletes, and engaging for spectators. The sport is in its adolescent years in terms of strategy – conventional tactics are outdated, and fresh ideas will help everyone have more fun and win. We anticipate strategic evolution in ultimate – specifically moving towards free flow on offence, dynamic teamwork on defence, and away from stacks, isolations, set plays, and strict matchups.

We aim to facilitate the education, training, performance, and enjoyment of teams and individuals who are on board with this philosophy, offering online materials, technical analysis, and the opportunity to collaborate with experienced coaches – remotely, or in-person. The hive mind is growing quickly, with many opportunities for coaches and content creators to get involved by sharing their ideas and experiences. Join the Hive as a patron, a team, a creator, a coach, or a producer.

Hive Structure & Flow

Management Team nurse bees, tending to the brood and the maintaining the hive.
Sorting out the structural, personal, and financial aspects of the hive. Coordination and cohesion between creators, producers, teams and patrons.
Felix Shardlow, Noah Brinkworth, Jason Thompson and Luke Burgess-Yeo.

Steering Groupqueen bees, centre of the colony, deciding when and where to swarm.
Determining the longer term direction of the hive, including options for expansion and development.
Sjoerd Druiven, Kim Gietzen, Florian Gailliegue, Jason Thompson, Noah Brinkworth, Mike Palmer, Luke Burgess-Yeo, Felix Shardlow.

Content Creators scout bees, foraging for new perspectives & reporting back.
Creating original content congruent with the Hive Ultimate philosophy, and bringing it to the hive for publication. We encourage new content creators to contact us with your ideas and plans – from memes to multi-part video series. You can write scripts and record audio, coordinating with our Production team to create, illustrate, and animate.
Florian Gailliegue, Jason Thompson, Noah Brinkworth, Travis Myburgh, Keira, Luke Burgess-Yeo, Felix Shardlow.

Production Teamworker bees, putting in hours behind the scenes.
Turning ideas into reality, ensuring the quality of content, and reaching a wide audience. Technical skills include video editing, animation, graphic design, and publication. Coordinate with creators to bring their ideas to life and help make their vision a reality.

Hive Mindcollective knowledge and experience, greater than the sum of its parts.
The top minds experienced with coaching and discussing the hive philosophy, brought together to look deeper into footage and systems. We provide high-level feedback to paying teams / players / captains & coaches.

Teamstraining & competing in the wild, creating a buzz on the fields.
Paying a premium to work together with the Hive Mind towards ideal training and performance. We are currently working with Revo Pro, Singapore Ultimate, and an unspecified USA team (and we have capacity to work with more immediately).

Patronsfield bees collecting pollen and nectar, and communicating within the hive.
Players, captains, coaches, and benefactors that financially support the hive, populating it and facilitating its organic growth, and benefiting from the materials & resources it generates. Over 100 individuals are already pledging monthly or annually, with more material and resources at higher tiers.

Join Hive Ultimate

Team – Hive Ultimate can help accelerate your team to the cutting edge of ultimate strategy. Working with your coaching team, we can animate and explain drills, scout opponents, produce video analysis, and help to plan trials and trainings. Read more on our Teams page.
Patron – $1 tier – access more videos and the basic channels in the #beehive on Discord – $8+ tier – training video access / coaches discussion / free disc – $25+ tier – commissioned teams content / swarm mind discussion / free book: “Ultimate in Motion: Balance & dynamism”. Check out the options on our Patreon page.
Contributor – if you have ideas for analysis / other content, and/or the skills to video edit, illustrate and publish, join our Creator’s Corner and the Production Floor – read more here. See what paid roles we’re immediately looking to fill here.

All members of the Hive communicate through Discord. Patrons can take part in the #beehive chat, with more advanced discussion rooms for higher tier patrons, and access to creator and production channels for contributors.