How to Train Flex: Pop Pass Surrounding Drill

First in the How To Train Flex series available to $8+ Training Tier patrons – Felix breaks down the Pop Pass Surrounding Drill, with animations, video examples, and whiteboard sketches – going through the Basics, the Skills, the Constrictions, and the Modifications that can be made to excel at and expand upon this versatile drill.

Trains defensive field awareness, surrounding skills, reactions to offensive movements, and communication. Trains offensive space recognition & anti-bracket movements. Watch video.

4 Offensive Mistakes – Clustering (1/4)

Noah talks about the most prevalent form of offensive mistake in conventional ultimate – clustering. How to avoid it on offence, and how to exploit it on defence.
Surrounding video:
Director’s Commentary on this episode:

4 Offensive Mistakes – Clustering – (1/4) – Director’s Commentary

Hive Ultimate Producer Noah Brinkworth chats to Felix about the episode in his series on Offensive Mistakes. Watch video.
Watch Offensive Mistakes Episode 1 here:

Sin the Fields vs Felix & Hex

Sin the Fields podcast did an episode on Hex Offence, and then brought Felix onto the show for an interview. Check out this podcast-style video with excerpts from the original episode, plus Felix’s reactions and additions to the STF Interview. Watch video.

Original STF episode: Ultiworld – Sin the Fields: Hex – A Revolution or Complete Nonsense?

0:00 Intro
1:58 Brian Kibbler with a very American view of Hex
6:22 STF 1st ep: Pat & Tad chat about Flex & Hex
10:45 STF Interview with Felix Shardlow (with reactions/additions)
1:00:05 Jason’s “Beating Brown B” response
1:01:13 Pat & Tad’s post-interview roundup
1:02:39 Felix talks about why top teams aren’t playing Hex yet
1:06:44 Felix explains where his passion & motivation for pushing hex/flex comes from – Clapham/GB story
1:11:50 Round-up / summary / conclusion

Livestream 31st March – STF reaction, USA v Colombia WG2017 Analysis pt3

Wednesday’s livestream, where Felix analyses USA v Colombia in the World Games 2017 Final, along with the usual gaming, memes, & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
0:00 – Start
3:15 – Intro
9:00 – Go (board game)
1:33:00 – STF interview reaction / review
2:41:00 – Meme review / r/ultimate Reddit review
3:37:10 – USA v Colombia World Games Final Analysis (pt3)
4:06:30 – Summary / end