Coach since 2002, based in Brighton UK.
Developer of Hex / Flex since 2012, creator of Hive Ultimate

Ultimate Experience: Played – UKU Indoor 2005 (1st), WUCC2006, EUCF2007, XEUCF2009(1st), WUCC2010, EUC2011(2nd), EUCF2011-14(2nd), EMUCC2017(3rd), WBUC2017, WMUCC2022(5th), EMUCC2022(2nd), EMUC2023(2nd).
Coached: Sussex Hawks UK University since 2002 (2010G, 2011G, 2017G, 2019G, +5 golds in Uni Women’s), 15 years player-coach at Brighton UK Club (2006B, 2008B, 2009B, 2013B, 2015B), GB Mixed 2015 (WU23 5th).

Felix Shardlow, born 1982, is an ultimate frisbee coach, strategist, camera operator, and analyst of the game.

He currently lives in Brighton, coaching Sussex University (UK Uni Champions 2019), and creating ultimate frisbee content.

Email: felix at

Hello. This is me: I’ve been playing ultimate since the year 2000, including winning a UK National Championship with Clapham, European podium finish with GB Open, and Gold at Mixed European Clubs with my local team, Brighton. I’ve been coaching from university to GB standard since 2002, winning 3 University Outdoor Men’s National Titles, 5 Uni Women’s National Titles, and 5th place at Worlds U23 Mixed 2015. Since 2012 I’ve been innovating and developing Hexagon Offence and Flexagon Defence strategies, building communication channels with teams around the world who are turning to them as fresh alternatives to conventional stack and 1-to-1 / zone strats. When tournaments are happening, I’m camera 1 for, so from UK Nationals to Euros to WU24’s you’ll see me getting the shots from behind the main camera. From home I produce content and video analysis of some of the best teams in the world, including the USA v Japan Worlds 2016 Final.

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In 2017 I played with GB Beach Men’s Masters at WCBU 2017 – finishing 3rd in the personal statistics for the division, and won Bronze at the Euro Masters Club Championships with Moonwalkers. I create training, strategy, and analysis pieces for, coach locally, and travel around the world delivering ultimate clinics & sessions to players ranging from World Championship competitors to PE Teachers in developing countries. My aim is to seed, grow, and develop the sport of ultimate around the world – keeping the spirit of the game ideals, and introducing on-pitch dynamic teamwork and communication skills through Hexagon Offence & Flex Defence strategies (which I think are way more fun than 1-to-1 / stack!).felix-collage

Strategically in ultimate I think there is an organic, fluid and free-flowing approach to offence which goes beyond conventional offensive systems, and can help teams win and have fun. Defensively I believe teamwork through surrounding, switching, and poaching can be developed to counter conventional offensive systems. Hex & Flex have been getting some interest from players and coaches alike, and have already won medals on the national and international stage in the few years since they have been published. They embrace a new philosophy and fresh approach to the game.

If you wish to implement ideas from Hex/Flex into your team, there are many options through the Hive Ultimate Patreon – it’s also an option for me to visit your city and run a Hex Clinic weekend.

As a cameraman, recent tournaments I’ve filmed include ECBU 2019 and Tom’s Tourney 2019. I also operated camera 2 (close-up, positioned next to camera 1) for the World Championships Final in 2016.

Most notable coach/player achievements:
Sussex University Coach – 3 Men’s Outdoor titles (2010, 2011, 2017), 5 Women’s Outdoor titles (2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013), 2019 UK Uni Men’s Indoor National Champions
GB U23 2015 Mixed Coach – 5th at World Championships
Brighton – Mixed National Champion 2010, Mixed European Champion 2009, Runner-up and MVP at UK Mixed Nationals 2009, 3rd at UK Open Nationals in 2009, 2013, 2015, UK Indoor Champions 2005
Clapham 2011 player – UK National Champion, Open European Runner-up
GB Open 2011 player – European Runner-up
GB Beach Masters 2017 player – 3rd in division stats, MVP of GBR Masters Men
European Masters Club Championships 2017 – Bronze with Moonwalkers

Felix’s medals (as a player):

Gold Silver Bronze
UK Nats 2011 – Clapham (Open)
UK Nats 2010 – Brighton (Mixed)
EUCC 2009 – Brighton (Mixed)
UK Indoor Nationals 2005 – Brighton (Open)
EUC 2011 – GB (Open)
EUCC 2011 – Clapham (Open)
UK Nats 2009 (+MVP) – Brighton (Mixed)
EUMCC 2017 – Moonwalkers (Open)
Paganello 2014 – Shocker (Mixed)
UK Nats 2009, 2013, 2015 – Brighton (Open)
UK Nats 2006, 2008 – Brighton (Mixed)

His most recent clinics:

  • Amsterdam (September 2018) – running a Hex Clinic (offence and Flex defence) with representatives from around Netherlands & Belgium – filmed and with in-clinic video analysis
  • Berlin/Potsdam (April 2018) – running a Hex Clinic (offence and Flex defence) with Goldfingers (who went on to win German Masters Nationals 2019)
  • Belgium (Jan 2018) – running a weekend of Hex Offence and Flex Defence clinics with Helgtre, plus two club trainings (went on to finish highest ever at Belgian Nationals 2019)
  • Moscow (May 2017) – running a weekend of Hex Offence and Flex Defence workshops, plus running trainings with local club, university, and women’s teams
  • Albania (April 2017) – working with 10 Million Discs to introduce Ultimate to the entire country, through training 250+ PE teachers and working with several youth groups
  • South Africa (March 2017) – working with Gauteng Ultimate to develop university teams, township teams, and visiting international players advanced player skills and basic coaching skills
  • Southampton (Sept 2016) – introducing Hexagon Offence and Flexagon Defence to local university players
  • St Andrews (Sept 2016) – teaching skills and techniques, plus introducing Hexagon Offence and Flexagon Defence, over week of pre-season training (St Andrews beat Sussex in the Indoor National Final in late 2016, Felix’s Sussex team won outdoors early 2017)
  • Latvia (Sept 2016) – introducing Hexagon Offence and Flexagon Defence to local teams Salaspils, Sirocco, OFK, Ventspils, and more
  • Macedonia (May 2016) – working with 10 Million Discs to introduce Ultimate to schools, train PE Teachers, and develop visiting international players

Individual players whom Felix has coached from beginner to international-standard include:

  • Ashley Yeo (Clapham 2012+, GB Open 2015+)
  • Beccie Haigh (Iceni 2011+, GB 2011+)
  • Hayden Slaughter (GB Open 2015+)
  • Robbie Haines (from 3rd year – GB, Clapham)
  • Alizé “Bob” Clough (GB 2007+)
  • Dom Burnham (GBU24 2019)
  • Charlie Butt (GBU24 2019)
  • Chun Lee (GBU24 2019)
  • Hannah Brew (GB 2013+)
  • Megan Hurst (GB 2010+)
  • Nick White (GB 2013+)
  • Callum Ayers (GB Open 2012+)
  • Richard “Gash” Harris (Clapham 2007+, GB 2007+)
  • Kai Yokoo (Clapham 2005+, GB 2007+)
  • Elliot Canning (GB 2015, Clapham 2017)
  • Joe Butler (GB Beach 2015)
  • Josh “Geezer” George (GB 2015)
  • Also: James Wotherspoon, Tom Mannings (from 3rd year), Christian Turvill, Anastasia “Starzy” Riordan-Eva, Becca Easey, Abi Cohman, Rich Roberts, Christianne Birtwhistle, Nanna Aaserod (Norway), Jack Beezer, Mette Moller-Nielsen (Denmark), Maxine Tink, Vicki James, Sara Nilsson (Sweden), Luis Semple (Clapham), Jake Betson. Jack Halkyard.

From 2006-2016, I set up and ran Push Pass Productions, the main source of high quality European Ultimate footage for players and fans – covering the UK and European Club Championships each year.

In 2004, I was a key founder of Brighton Ultimate – now the biggest Ultimate club in Europe. I have been training and playing at the top level since the year 2000 without taking a break, and coaching regularly since 2002 at levels ranging from primary schools through to Universities and Great Britain teams. I introduced Ultimate to over 1700 kids aged 8-12 in 2015-2016, and have likely taught more than 4500 players how to throw a disc.

Read Felix’s full CV here.


Gauteng Ultimate, Johannesburg, South Africa:

Dolgorukiye, Moscow, Russia: