Training Hex: Dribble Dominator Drill

This drill (available to Training Tier patrons) challenges players to level-up their dribbling game, and trains how to support an active dribbler. One player, being marked by multiple defenders, dribbles between several teammates, who bounce the disc back to them until a turnover or a stall out (4s). Watch the full video here.

Analysis: XEUCF 2021 Open Final (Part 3)

Felix dives into point-by-point analysis of part 3 of the European Men’s Club Final 2021 between CUSB La Fotta and Clapham Ultimate.

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Italy Hex/Flex Workshop (12-13 Feb ’22)

Report by Felix Shardlow

Last weekend I was invited to Bologna, Italy, by the Italian Flying Disc Federation (FIFD) to be the guest international coach at their Level 3 coaching course, working alongside FIFD coaching development program instructors Davide Morri and Valerio Iani. We worked with 20 of the top coaches in the country, with classroom theory and practical sessions.

The FIFD also scheduled the U17 and U20 Italia trials to be on the Sunday, allotting 1.5 hours for me to work with each group of 120 players. In between these sessions they scheduled an extra 4 hour workshop for 40 senior players and coaches. In total, over the weekend, I worked with ~320 players/coaches, and it was hex/flex all the way. 

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The Throw That Australian Ultimate Will Remember Forever: The Hammer

At the 2012 World Ultimate Championships, Australia faced USA in a match which would be forever remembered in Australian Ultimate because of one throw in universe point. Gus Macdonald interviews the players and coaches in the game, including those involved in that throw – simply referred to in Australia as: The Hammer.

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