Felix’s CV / Resumé up until 2016 (before felixultimate.com):

Felix Shardlow

Level 1 Qualified Ultimate Coach & Coach Educator, with International Coaching Experience

Ultimate Coaching Experience:

2002: became captain & coach of the Sussex Uni club, who were then ranked ~30th in the country

2002present: continued to coach at Sussex with significant improvement in performance and player numbers, winning several National Championships and finishing consistently in the top 8 in the country

2004: begun coaching the new Brighton Ultimate club (non-university, city team)

2004-present: coach of the Brighton Ultimate club, improving from 11th in the country in 2004 to being European Mixed Club Champions in 2009, Mixed National Champions in 2010, and consistently top 5 at the UK Open National Championships

2006-present: coach of the Sussex Uni women’s team, 7 times National Champions between 2007-2014

2008: official UK Ultimate Coach Award Level 1 qualification

2009: coached Brighton‘s Junior team to UKU U20 Outdoor Nationals victory

2010-present: coach of the Brighton University team, going from 16th at Regionals in 2009-10 to 7th in 2014-15

2013: became a qualified UKU Level 1 Coach Educator (has currently delivered the course 5 times)

2015: introduced Ultimate to 850 kids aged 7-12 in 11 primary schools in & around Brighton

2015: coached the Great Britain Under 23 Mixed team to a 5th place finish (of 12) at the World Championships

2015: took the UKU Level 2 coaching course main module – minor modules yet to be completed

2016: Appointed Youth Participation Officer at Brighton Ultimate

Currently coaching: 6 hours at Sussex University and 3 hours at Brighton University during term time, 2 hours with Brighton City during the season

Ultimate Playing Experience:

2000-2004: played the sport at Sussex University for the Mohawks

2004-present: played for Brighton Ultimate (non-university local city team), moved from bring ranked 11th to being ranked 3rd in the UK

2005: won UK Open Indoor Nationals with Brighton– became an open indoor national champion

2006: competed at World Championships in Perth, Australia, with London team Thundering Herd

2009: won most valuable player award in Final of Mixed Outdoor Nationals (finished 2nd)

2009: won European Club Championships (mixed division) with Brighton Ultimate club

2010: won UK Mixed Outdoor Nationals – became a mixed outdoor national champion

2011: played for Great Britain Open team in European Championships – finished 2nd

2011: played for Clapham Ultimate – 1st at UK Open Outdoor Nationals, 2nd at European Club Championships

2012-2015: played for Brighton City, finishing consistently in the top 4 at Nationals in the Open Division

2016: Played for Brighton Breezy (Mixed), finishing 4th at UKU Nationals

->2017: WCBU 2017 with GB Men’s Masters

Ultimate Organising:

2002: ran first tournament at Sussex University – 60 players

2003: hosted official 16-team South-East University Open Indoor Regionals tournament (tournament director) – 130 players

2004: co-founded & created the organisational / committee structure for the Brighton Ultimate club (non-university, city team), now the biggest club in Europe – 120 members

2005: as part of role of “South East Uni Regional Coordinator”, organised first local league events in the South-East region for universities to regularly compete against each other (as opposed to going away for an entire weekend)

2005: hosted Southern University Women’s Indoor Regionals tournament – 120 players

2006: created Brighton Beyond, the annual outdoor Brighton Ultimate tournament – 170 players

2007-present: member of the UKU Competitions Committee, and UKU Scheduling Group

2007: created the fortnightly league, Winter Indoor Brighton League – 70 players

2007-09: role of University Women’s Coordinator

2008: created a Brighton Summer League (became Draft in 2012) – 90 players

2011-present: organising weekly league events all-year round, both indoors and outdoors

2016: elected Vice President and Youth Participation Officer for Brighton Ultimate

2015-16: introduced Ultimate to local primary schools – running sessions for over 1700 kids aged 8-12, and created a local primary school competition

Education & Other work:

Graduated from Sussex University in 2004 with a 2:2 BA in Philosophy with Cognitive & Computing Science

2006-2007: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (publisher) – Assistant Technical Advisor, completed a thorough QA scan & fix of all digital content recently published online, conducting audits and batch corrections via scripts on big data

2007-2009: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd – Digital Content Manager, putting in place, maintaining, and upgrading scripts which process digital content as it is published and archived

2009-2010: Wiley Blackwell – Application Support Coordinator, communicating with employees and using shell code to perform large-scale digital operations on the data archive & related metadata

From 2006 to 2015 was been the main producer of DVDs and online pay-per-view videos of Ultimate in Europe, covering all the major European Club Championships and UK Nationals tournaments – http://www.pushpass.co.uk

Production: Visual mixer, commentator, & cameraman at the World Championships in 2016. Cameraman at Robots Live! in April 2017