Hive Ultimate can help accelerate your team to the cutting edge of ultimate strategy. Working with your coaching team, we can animate and explain drills, scout opponents, produce video analysis and help to plan trials and trainings. We encourage all the teams we work with to film themselves as much as possible, so that our Hive-Mind of experienced hex and flex coaches can point out potential areas of improvement. Where possible, we hope to connect our partnered teams with a local Hive-Mind coach.

Hive Ultimate x Singapore Ultimate

Hive Ultimate is proud to partner with the Singapore National team. Singapore Ultimate will be building Womens, Mixed and Open teams over the next 4 years in preparation for WUGC 2024. After an incredible third place finish at WU24UC in 2019, we hope to help translate Singapore’s outrageous successes at the junior level to senior competition, by working with them remotely. 

Check out the Pendulum Drill part of the Singapore Drill Collection


Head over to our Patreon to look at what we offer for partner teams. Feel free to emailfor more information.

Hex and Flex Around the World

We’re in the process of constructing a map of all the places around the world where Hex / Flex is being trained and played. There are currently over 100 teams that we know of who have directly adopted elements of the Hive Ultimate philosophy and contacted us. Let us know where you’re at and what you’re training, and we’ll add you to the list.