The Secret to Belgium’s Team Chemistry – Non-verbal Communication

In this video Noah continues to talk about the Belgium U24 Open team ahead of the World Under-24 Championships. He points out the subtle pieces of communication from the cutters to the throwers that keep the offence on the same page and running smoothly.

If you haven’t already check out our interview with Valerio Iani

Germany Defeat USA! – Every Turnover – World Games 2022 Analysis

In this episode of the World Games film room we look at our final pool play game, Germany extend their hot streak and take the US. Noah sorts through this turn fest of a game and breaks down how the Germans completed a second huge upset.

Singapore’s Double-Team Footblock & Flow Analysis

Felix takes a look at a nice point of flow from Singapore Mixed where they are repeatedly looking for and taking the return passes, and then (at 3:37) unpacks a controversial double-team footblock incident at the start of their game against New Zealand. Do you think the rules should be changed? Let us know in the comments.

Are Japan The Best Team At WU24s?

Lu discusses the Japan women’s team who went undefeated in their pool, letting no more than 4 goals past them in any one game. A truly dominant performance, but can it continue on into the bracket?

Italy U24’s Counter-Attack vs Colombia

Felix looks at what makes Italy U24’s fast break counter-attacking offence so efficient and effective at the World U24 Championships in Nottingham, UK.

How Belgium U24 Stopped Canada

Felix takes a look at this matchup from the 2nd day of the World Under-24 Championships being held in Nottingham, UK, with a focus on Canada’s primary offence and Belgium’s countertactic defence.

Fun facts: during this match Felix was operating the main overview camera, and Noah was operating the roaming cam!

Watch Njord Play Chilled Hex at WUCC 2022

I wanted to circle back to some WUCC 2022 footage to check out Njord playing Hex. In this blowout victory take note of the calm conservative decisions the Danes make that lead to 7 out of 7 successful O-line holds and a multitude of converted breaks. Congratulations to Njord who climbed 20 seeds for a 22nd place finish. Full video available for all Patrons.

Conclusions – EUCF 2022 Open Final Analysis Part 5 – Clapham v Ranelagh

Felix takes a look at individual player’s impacts on the match, what was working for them and what was causing problems for the team on offence and defence, takes a dive into statistics, and looks inwardly at his own biases before concluding his epic analysis of this game.

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USA v Colombia – Every Turnover – World Games 2022 Analysis

In this video Noah looks at all the turnovers from the 2022 World Games group stage match between Colombia and USA, including a near-foul on Ximena Montana, Duque turning his back with the disc in his hands, a visionary poach by Valeria Cardenas to safely intercept an up-line pass, and a miscommunication between Chastain and Khalif whilst double dribbling.

Noah notes how soon after stoppages Colombia’s turnovers come, and takes a quick look at some early pick calls from the USA which could have made an impact. We also get to see Khalif’s clutch mobile phone replay from the sidelines to rule Jack Williams in-bounds due to a force-out foul.

EUCF 2022 Open Final Analysis Part 4 – Universe Point – Clapham v Ranelagh

Felix takes a play-by-play look at the final part of this match which would end up being historic, breaking it down in detail. In this part, Clapham fight back from behind to bring the match to 14-14, Universe Point.

This analysis features a look at how an offence can become ‘out of sync’ when players have differing priorities / principles, how Ranelagh stopped Clapham making a single pass off the pull at 14-13, and a close look at a controversial call on a double-layout play in universe point (thumbnail).

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