How Germany Crushed Canada at The World Games

In this video Noah looks at all the turnovers from the 2022 World Games group stage match between Germany and Canada. Thumbnail image: Levke Walczek (a new Hive patron) and Britt Dos Santos.
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10 Second Attack

This exercise encourages players to be aggressive with their moves, generating quick forward movement / penetration and scoring opportunities. Full video available for Training Tier patrons.

EUCF 2022 Open Final Analysis Part 2 – Ireland Bring It Level – Clapham v Ranelagh

Felix takes a deep dive into the second part of this match which would end up being historic, analysing each point in detail and finding the root causes and catalysts for the turns and scores.
In this part, Clapham falter and Ranelagh are able to bring the scores level at 7-7, Galaxy Point.

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