Sin the Fields vs Felix & Hex

Sin the Fields podcast did an episode on Hex Offence, and then brought Felix onto the show for an interview. Check out this podcast-style video with excerpts from the original episode, plus Felix’s reactions and additions to the STF Interview. Watch video.

Original STF episode: Ultiworld – Sin the Fields: Hex – A Revolution or Complete Nonsense?

0:00 Intro
1:58 Brian Kibbler with a very American view of Hex
6:22 STF 1st ep: Pat & Tad chat about Flex & Hex
10:45 STF Interview with Felix Shardlow (with reactions/additions)
1:00:05 Jason’s “Beating Brown B” response
1:01:13 Pat & Tad’s post-interview roundup
1:02:39 Felix talks about why top teams aren’t playing Hex yet
1:06:44 Felix explains where his passion & motivation for pushing hex/flex comes from – Clapham/GB story
1:11:50 Round-up / summary / conclusion

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