Livestream 10th March – Hex vs Good Defence – USA-Japan Analysis pt 3/3

Wednesday’s livestream, where Felix looks at Hammertron’s opponents very closely to see if it’s bad defence or good offence being played. Also contains analysis of the last part of USA v Japan at Worlds 2016, along with the usual gaming & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
10:00 – Intro
15:30 – Go (board game)
1:49:00 – Disc Space (computer game)
2:26:50 – Weekly /r/ultimate Review
3:32:14 – Bad defence or good offence? – Hammertron’s opponent analysis
4:01:44 – USA v Japan Analysis pt3
4:36:30 – Final Thoughts on Japan v USA style, and the rise of Hex & Flex
4:42:30 – Summary
4:44:08 – End

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