Chess Clock Drill

Time-limited drill aimed at training players to make aggressive moves on offence, using space and passes to build attacks whilst the defence tries to run down the clock. Includes Hex Movement Decision Tree. Watch video ($8).

Hive Ultimate

Hive Ultimate connects ultimate frisbee players & teams around the world with coaches, resources & materials. Joining the Hive by becoming a Patron will open up your access to videos, discord, training content, get you a disc, connect you with hex/flex players/coaches, and more.
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We aim to grow the sport of ultimate frisbee in a sustainable and inclusive way. We believe the sport can be fun for beginners, challenging for elite athletes, and engaging for spectators. The sport is in its adolescent years in terms of strategy – if you are open to new approaches, we provide fresh ideas which will help everybody have more fun and win. We anticipate rapid strategic evolution in ultimate – specifically moving towards free flow on offence, dynamic teamwork on defence, and away from stacks, isolations, set plays, and strict matchups.

We aim to facilitate the education, training, performance, and enjoyment of teams and individuals who are on board with this philosophy all around the World.

Hive Ultimate is proud to announce our partnership with the Singapore National team. We hope to help translate Singapore’s outrageous successes at the junior level to senior competition, by working with them remotely. Our work includes discussing drills that can be run at trainings and illustrating them for players through video animation, scouting opponents, and producing video analysis from footage of scrimmages and games.

We are looking to work closely with a handful of teams in the near future – if you want your team to get ahead of the curve as strategy evolves, visit

But what does this evolution mean for the youtube channel? We have a number of projects already beginning to be released from a number of different content creators – including Rhino v PoNY analysis, and the Offensive Mistakes series. There is also a book written by Florian and Marie Gailliegue called Ultimate in Motion: Dynamism and balance – which is currently available for $25 tier patrons.

Starting this month, I’ll be turning the focus of the monthly $8 tier training videos from offence to defence. We’ll be looking at ways you can train your players to be aware, communicative, and work as a dynamic team unit on the field, with the usual animations and critical points for focus.

If you are interested in getting involved in content creation, and sharing your ideas about ultimate with the world, check the About Us section of our website to see how we can help your ideas become a reality. If your talents lie in the more technical side of video production, we’re able to link you in to exciting projects where the final product will be watched by thousands and make a real difference to the sport we love.

We’re determined to bring the ultimate community high quality content, and that takes time and energy. We’ve come this far thanks to the generosity of felixultimate patrons, and now we’re going to offer more content than ever before. With your support moving forwards, we can give the creators, producers, and coaches the compensation they deserve for their time.

In return for your pledge you get access to all our video analysis, training videos such as Felix’s Hex and Flex drills, a forum on discord to chat to other patrons and coaches, and either a free disc or the Ultimate in Motion book depending on your level of support.

I appreciate all the support I’ve received since the USA v Japan turnover analysis video. In recent years I’ve been hearing more and more about teams having success introducing new strategies in their teams, so we hope you’ll join us as ultimate evolves, and the hive evolves with it.

Patreon / Discord:

Livestream 17th March – Hive Intro – USA-Colombia Analysis pt 1

Wednesday’s livestream, featuring the Hive Ultimate Introduction video & Singapore announcement! Also contains analysis of the first part of USA v Colombia in the World Games 2017 Final, along with the usual gaming, memes, & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
5:28 – Start / Intro
8:20 – Hive Ultimate Introduction
16:30 – Go (board game)
1:49:40 – Disc Space (computer game)
2:19:00 – Hive Ultimate Intro & chat
2:30:00 – Memes
3:03:15 – r/ultimate review
3:40:50 – USA v Colombia World Games 2017 Final – Analysis (pt1)
4:31:45 – End / UltiworldTV raid

Livestream 10th March – Hex vs Good Defence – USA-Japan Analysis pt 3/3

Wednesday’s livestream, where Felix looks at Hammertron’s opponents very closely to see if it’s bad defence or good offence being played. Also contains analysis of the last part of USA v Japan at Worlds 2016, along with the usual gaming & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.
10:00 – Intro
15:30 – Go (board game)
1:49:00 – Disc Space (computer game)
2:26:50 – Weekly /r/ultimate Review
3:32:14 – Bad defence or good offence? – Hammertron’s opponent analysis
4:01:44 – USA v Japan Analysis pt3
4:36:30 – Final Thoughts on Japan v USA style, and the rise of Hex & Flex
4:42:30 – Summary
4:44:08 – End

Communication (Flex Defence Pt 4)

The concluding part of the Flex Defence series, in this video Felix provides a step-by-step breakdown of on-field communication which he’s found to be the simplest and most effective when switching and surrounding stacks whilst playing Flex Defence.

Livestream 3rd Mar – Memes, STF & USA v Japan Analysis pt2

Wednesday’s livestream recording, with a new Meme Review section, reaction to the Sin the Fields episode on Hex, analysis of USA v Japan at WUGC 2016, and the usual gaming & weekly reddit /r/ultimate review.

4 Offensive Mistakes – The Ultimate Problem – (0/4)

Hive Ultimate Producer Noah Brinkworth introduces the new series – Offensive Mistakes. Setting the scene, “The Ultimate Problem” explains how the traditional solution to teamwork on defence – the one-way force – is not sufficient to stop attackers getting free. Watch video (3:13).

Manuela Cardenas Dribbling Technique

Manuela Cardenas uses dribbling to work the disc the length of the field, and Felix provides a breakdown of how her technique makes her so difficult to stop, and what everybody can take away to add to their game.