2 Most Common Mistakes in Hex Offence

As Hexagon Offence becomes more prevalent, Felix has noticed some recurring mistakes within teams who have implemented the principles, and in this video takes a look at Colombia’s recent World Games performance to explain what those mistakes are and how to solve them.

First up is maintaining shape on the sideline – resisting the instinct to flood downfield when the moves to the side – instead being comfortable hanging back and looking to attack by moving forwards & receiving the disc from behind. The second mistake is not looking for the return pass – either as a thrower or as a catcher – this mistake becomes more and more impactful as the level of your opponent rises. At lower levels, turning away from the previous thrower to find a new option has a relatively high probability of sustaining flow, but against stronger opponents this probability goes down significantly as the defenders are able to read the game and predict & shut off the continuation option. Prioritising looking for a return pass after throwing, and finding that option immediately (or within 1 second) after catching, makes flow far easier to sustain at high levels, and opens up many aggressive attacking options.

The full version of this video talks about Fielding the Pull, Compacting, and using Shape Police to fix three other common mistakes. That version is accessible to everyone who has created a Hive Patreon account – https://www.patreon.com/posts/69425365/.

Footage used in this video belongs to the Olympic Channel, WFDF, and Ultiworld.

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