Ultimate, Chess, and Go – Where do they overlap?

A vidcast-style conversation between four Ultimate Frisbee players who also have experience in Chess and/or Go (Baduk) – talking about strategical crossovers between the games, including how the early game situations compare, distribution of players or units across the playing area, the way handicaps are dealt with, holding “sente” (or the initiative), set plays / joseki / openings, and how the value of pieces & players changes as they become nearer to the sides or over-concentrated in a particular area.
We look at what lessons can be learned from each game, and briefly at how the advent of advanced AI has the potential to turn conventionally accepted strategies on their head.

Florian is a ~2.4k ELO online rated Chess player, Cédric reached 1 Dan in Go/Baduk, Felix has been playing Go since 2006 and runs the Brighton Go Club, and Ryan has been playing Chess for 30 years.

Ryan Lowe (host) is developing content at frisbeethrows.com, and Florian Gailliegue has written a book – “Ultimate in Motion” – which is available from Google Books at the Swarm Tier of the Hive patreon.

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