Hexagon Offence Talkthrough

Felix introduces Hex from scratch in this 35min video for $1+ patrons – where hex came from, why teams are playing it, how it differs from stack, where it’s going, and how it fits into the landscape of modern ultimate frisbee strategy. This video serves as an “academic base” to help players learning hex to gain a fuller understanding and get on the same page as each other. Originally recorded in 2019, remastered for 2021.

– Intro to video
– Who is Felix
– History of hex
– Modern day hex
– Future of hex

Stack vs Hex
– Concepts
– Space
– Options
– American Football influence
Why stack works
– 1-to-1 defence
– Pick rule
– Future defence
Why play hex?
– Future proof
– Building well-rounded skillsets
– Fun
– Winning easier
– Learning hex vs learning stack
– Beginners
– Experienced
Flow Offence
– Motion Offense
– Balance & fluidity – new paradigm
– Standardisation
– Freedom & versatility
How to play hex
– Structure
– Hex movement decision tree
– SMOG footage analysis
– Technique (off-disc / catching / neutral stance / pivot throws / throw’n’go moves)
How to train hex
– Invent
– [see Training Tier for drills]

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